My name is Federico Cavallini but you can call me Fred.

I’m a director, a screenwriter and a musician. I think there is just one fundamental skill in directing: the capability of being surprised. Potentially, by everything. And everyone. I’m always in the lookout of somethings new to discover, somethings new to tell.

I’ve always been fascinated by storytelling, the power to turn unique visions into vivid visuals. I’ve started my career in visual arts as a freelance filmmaker. As competences and confidence improved, I started being involved in bigger projects, directing music videos, tv commercials, corporate films and documentaries, always trying to find a personal voice.

In 2017 I  caught the attention of FilmMaster, the largest production house in Italy, winning a competition for the research of a new young director, and in the same year I presented Iron Roots, my first documentary.